Sound Hacker - anyone using it?

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Sound Hacker - anyone using it?

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Is anyone using that old tool? I think many Amiga users like to show off music from their computer. They only keep games for the sake of a good soundtrack. Games take up a lot of space and disks are and thats pity (especially now, when retro is fashionable and their prices are high - I am not talking about WHDLoad guys!). Sound Hacker can solve this problem. The program allows you to extract SOUND TRACKER modules from the computer's memory. This is perhaps the best program of its kind available. In order to get a soundtrack from a game you should:

1. Load the program with the selected song and restart the computer while the music is playing.
2. Immediately after that, load the SOUND HACKER and select the search option.

If the track turned out to be compatible with the SOUND TRACKER standard, the program will report it itself, stating its length, name and list of instruments. It is also possible to verify and possibly correct the song and play the lost fragments. You can record the music as "MODULE" or "SONG".
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It sounds like channel bleeding when you record a hot TC level on one track and some low sound on the other using a stereo minijack for example.

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