Modern LCD and Amiga

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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by Wariorr »

And the LCD TV can not be. There and at 40 inches there is VGA.

Does it work with Amiga? I do not know .
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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by Oldlegends »

Yes, from a different angle:
After starting ScanPlus AGA, I consider 15MHz a relic. That is why I have a Fujitsu Siemens monitor operating in the 15MHz range to donate for the proverbial 4-pack.
In my opinion, the image is average - the matrix has spots.

If you want to pay for the transport and add it to a packet of alcohol, I will give it back to you.

ps. I am sending people interested on priv
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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by Doggeboy0A »

Therefore, you can connect two 7Mhz Amigas at once.
well, but cd32 still does not start on this set - at least on the monitor
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