Modern LCD and Amiga

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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by Hover »

Unfortunately, a similar converter, but branded with Speak's name, does not work with ST, and it worked with the Amiga, hence the question ...
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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by Iwa »

Unfortunately, I don't have an Atari :(

When you come with yours, I will check you: p
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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by Zenobi »

I honestly better get STE. Falcon is a very nice machine, but it only has a handful of software and games, and the falcon itself is not fully compatible with the ST / STE series.
I had STfm cool blitter and 4MB ram plus IDE controller with disk inside but I sold and bought 1040STE 4MB Ram.
I do not regret this decision, because almost all ST games run on STE and STE itself has a small library of its own games and programs that use STE improvements.
Returning to the topic of the converter, I just got this Sony Tirnitron TV and I will check whether it is worth leaving it or not.
As for the convert itself, I am going to check all my monitors today if they are still alive because I will torture each one
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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by HelloThereAll »

I started looking for some Atari to add to my retro collection.

What is the difference between the STE and STF series? Especially the STFM you wrote about?
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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by TerraNova »

Thanks, somehow I didn't read it before - and I read this data;) Maybe because I was looking for other differences between the ST F and ST FM tips ...

Basically this is because the STE series has better sound, a color palette and some extra connectors.

Unfortunately, STE is also much less common than STFM and is much more expensive ...

Generally, I do not know if there will be any sense in the surcharge - it should only go to the exhibition or in a cardboard box (as I WANTED MY MOM, just like C64;))

The A1200 is used for fun with a tube card and a disc;)
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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by ThisGuy01 »

You answered yourself that there is no point in overpaying for such applications.
The letter F indicates a built-in disk drive, because the oldest models only had an external one.
M is a built-in TV modulator that only has an antenna input.
E is an additional sound system, 2D graphics boost and a richer color palette.
Mega is a keyboard separate from the rest of the computer.
TT is a 030 processor and extra graphics modes.
Falcon is like a TT with DSP added.
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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by NamelessOne »

Falcon would not only be at the exhibition;) But unfortunately
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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by Catladyiscrazy »

If I buy a SCART cable for it, I will check if it works with this converter.
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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by Valdor »

I managed to pull out a really cool condition. Everything works - even that old printer. The equipment itself is not even yellowed and, surprisingly, even has the warranty seals intact. I just don't know if I will not sell the monitor and printer in some time, because I already lack some space at home :( But the whole thing looks great.

I have already tried to record some game floppy disks, but it does not work well. I have not had a PC with fdd for a long time, so I had to record via Amiga and crossdos package - unfortunately disk images are often larger than floppy and do not want to run on Atari.

I will probably only have to buy a cash drive to test some games. It's just a pity to disassemble the casing since it has seals, and unfortunately external gotek is a rarity :(

Unless someone has more experience in recording floppy disks on atari via amiga and wants to share this knowledge, or is some kind of electronic magician and has to sell or make an adapter for goths to connect it to the port of an external floppy drive;)
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Modern LCD and Amiga

Post by SummerFLower »

Congratulations on the purchase, I recently bought a 1040STFM with a warranty seal, but unfortunately I had to break it because the station unfortunately needed cleaning.

As for recording, you can always look for a TEAC FD-05PUB USB FDD, to be torn for about PLN 25/30 and you can easily record 720kb games on it, so at the beginning, how it found;)
On the Amiga you probably have to look for * .st 720kb images as well.
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