Starting with Amstrad

CPC and PCW technology
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Starting with Amstrad

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I turned the counter on the BombJack and missed the list. But I was angry ...> :(

6128 from '92 and on the tab with PCt somewhere around 96. I remember that it was bought for PLN 2,000,000 and sold for PLN 200 after the denomination.
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Starting with Amstrad

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McArti0 - And your 6128 was with what monitor? Did you sell without loss after so many years? :about

And mine with the green one (+ a few disks and a crappy joy) I bought in autumn '92 for PLN 3.5 million. In advertisements in the capital, you could buy that much with color.
A week later, my neighbor bought a C64 with a megnet joy and a few cassettes for the same price.

And I sold without a monitor, with an additional power supply, RGB cable, a second large drive and 100 disks (including 40 small ones). In the spring of '96 for 1.5 million (according to the old prices, because it was after the denomination).
About 2-3 bellows later, for the same price, I bought a x4 CD-ROM with a cable housing and an original Amiga driver.

Oh, and I also got a printer cable that I used only once for testing, which I gave to the buyer. It was Komodziarz who had screwed up the printer and was unable to connect it to the C64. And that's why he bought CPC.
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Starting with Amstrad

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Green and only green.

In Bajtek 8/92 6128 it is for 2000-3000 thousand. But then inflation was high so only in nominal terms it was the same. I'm shooting so that it was 96 or 97. Surely in 94 I "bought" a PC. 286 without a disk for 3 million 900 thousand with amber hercules. Already on 386SX33 I practiced cpcemu and cpc52 which had no mode 2 normal. And I know that then I used to copy my pc programs via 3 "floppy disks because I had 3" drives in the PC. I still have this station. I even laughed that if a client made me angry, he would get files on a 3 "disk within the TERM. I was selling CPC to a man what he wanted to buy and he did not know how much.

I know that I bought the first PC disk 233Mb for PLN 400
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Starting with Amstrad

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according to Bajtek magazine prices, the biggest jump in inflation was at the beginning of the 1990s from number 1/2 to number 3/4 (these were double numbers) and in two months all prices increased by 100%.
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Starting with Amstrad

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How would I like to have one like that now :)
It's hard to establish a common front, because in those years prices changed from month to month. It did not help that the equipment was a bit detached from world premieres.

For example, I remember that when the first single-confidence CD recorders appeared in our company, I ordered the CD recording service for PLN 120 + PLN 70 per carrier. Such devices then cost around 8.5k PLN

I also remember Alley Cat.and TAG editor on 8088 with 10mb disk ... But this is a big off-top and certainly not in the topic of cpc rom :)
Maybe to separate the threads?
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Starting with Amstrad

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